Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a Christian School?

Training children in the ways of the Lord is a scriptural imperative (Deut. 6:6-7, Prov. 22:6). A school is an extension of the home and as such should be an environment in which young people are trained for life in the world and into eternity. Bethel's purpose is to instruct students in the highest principles of Christian leadership, self-discipline, individual responsibility, personal integrity and good citizenship.

What church or denomination operates Bethel?

Bethel is a non-denominational, independent Christian school and does not operate under the auspices of any particular church or denomination. Students who meet minimum admission requirements are welcome to apply regardless of denominational affiliation, race or gender.

What if we don't attend church?

Church attendance is not a prerequisite for admission, but is encouraged. It is required however, that parents review and sign the non-negotiable statement of faith and policy manual since teaching, curriculum and business within the school will be handled in accordance with these documents. Bethel is firm upon its statement of faith, however, it is understood that every family may not agree with each doctrinal statement, therefore staff is directed to teach from the curriculum in accordance with the statement of faith and refrain from discussing denominational doctrines which could cause confusion among our families.

Is Bethel "Accredited"?

The state of Kansas defines "accredited" as having uniform education for all children in government schools, meeting minimum facility standards set by state agencies and only teaching approved curriculum developed by the state educational board. Bethel uses curriculum of their own choosing and does not qualify for state accreditation.

Will my child be able to go to college if Bethel is not accredited?

Accreditation of a private Christian school is not necessary for a graduate to enroll in a college or university, state or private. Registrars select students by academic merit and entrance exams (ACT and SAT). Bethel prepares students to make a qualified decision regarding post-high school education upon graduation. Some institutions may request applicants acquire a G.E.D. in addition to their non-accredited diploma, but in most cases, students from private and home schools have become a sought after commodity by many institutions due to high scores on entrance exams.