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Van Fundraiser There comes a time when we must say farewell..... farewell to youth and farewell to loved ones...... So we say with bittersweet joy....... Farewell Bronze have served us well.
Van Fundraiser
Moby, the Great White Van

We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of our new van. God has been so good to us! It's a 2008 Ford 15- passenger; just what we had prayed for! Thank you to all who prayed with us and contributed to our fundraiser. The students have named it Moby and we are looking forward to many years of service.

While we have completed this fundraiser and have purchased our new van, the school still has daily needs for general funding to help us pay our obligations and for maintenance to our building and new van. Should you choose to join us in our ministry please click on our donation tab to the left and follow the prompts to make your tax deductible donation. God's Blessings to You Today!

Thank You!